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About Us!

Karen Lord - Author


Shanée Buxton - Illustrator

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Here is a little about us, the author and illustrator.

Karen writes the stories and Shanée illustrates them. We both love reading stories to children and know how important picture books are in fostering a love of reading, enhancing a child's imagination and developing their vocabulary and language skills. Our books also support their social and emotional well-being and act as a great starting point for discussion.
We m
et over 30 years ago whilst teaching at an Infant School in Surrey. Karen specialises in Early Years and Special Educational Needs and Shanée is a deaf specialist Teacher of the Deaf with knowledge in a wide range of different ages and special  needs.  

We have been lucky to have taught together and when teaching we always enjoyed letting our creative ideas run wild.  This has led to us imagining, writing and illustrating stories with an emphasis on social and emotional well-being. The reason for this focus is that we realised the lack of story books around these themes.
Children often need support in recognising, naming, expressing and regulating their emotions. Keeping this in mind, we work closely together discussing themes and ideas that are important with children and the magic
of our stories are created. 
We hope you enjoy our books!

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