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They are beautifully illustrated and vocabulary rich.

They will promote healthy discussions with your child.

Curls, Curls, Curls!

Curls Curls Curls.png

Curls, Curls, Curls

A delightful rhyming story book about a little girl who does not want curls. 
Can she learn to love her curls?

This book is about embracing who you are and recognising the beauty of curly hair.

CCC Page 1.png

Eloise Mabel Winifred Kate wants straight hair like her friends.
She really does not like her curly twirly hair.

"Who wants to look like a curly wurly, all spiral springs, bouncy and twirly!”

She tries lots of different things to make her hair straight. 

But nothing seems to work as her curls always bounce back.

'On the bus home, they sprung back on her head.
They were twirly and swirly when it was time for bed. '


CCC page 3.png

The Worry

THe Worry.jpg

The Worry

A delightful story book to help children manage their worries. 

Max discovers a worry at the bottom of the garden. The worry begins to follow him everywhere he goes. 

None of his friends seem to notice it but Max knows it is there.... 
... and it seems to be growing!


The worry is making Max feel sad.

He is avoiding his friends and he is very close to tears. 

He does not know what to do!

The Queen's Glasses

Front Cover QG.jpg

The Queen's Glasses
is dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II

A rhyming story with beautiful illustrations.

The Queen has lost her glasses and needs them to read a message to the nation.  

QG Page 2.jpg

Follow the Queen as she recalls all the places that she has been.
Where could her glasses be? 

Queen Elizabeth II had an extraordinary life and this story touches on some of the events she attended.

QG Page 3.jpg

Anxious Armadillo

“Find termites on my own?” said Dillo,
”I’m too frightened to go out alone!”

Join this little armadillo on his quest to find termites for tea.

Is it really worth being so anxious?


Anxious Armadillo is a delightful story that encourages children to talk about Dillo’s fears and makes it safe to talk about their own.

The story explores the five senses through repetition and rhyme with bright and bold illustrations.  It explores the five senses and challenges the need of being brave .


Gorgeous George

A heartwarming tale that embraces diversity.

Gorgeous George just wants to be himself, but he feels obliged to follow his friends.

He courageously attempts to address his feelings.

Can George now be who he wants to be?

Six chameleons...hang on a minute there should be seven of us!
Where's George?

Should you follow what others want to do or be yourself? 
George has a tough decision to make. 

A delightful book that tackles uniqueness through rich language, colour and emotion. 


Cranky Crab

A story that tackles the emotion of anger and the effect it can have on others.

Nippy and nasty, never kind and
ALWAYS snappy!
Meet Cranky Crab who really is by far the angriest creature on the beach.
Does she need to be so cross?

Cranky Crab is feared by all the creatures on the beach.

She does not understand how much she is upsetting them. 

Find out what happens to make her change her ways?

Cranky Crab creates a fantastic dialogue to help children talk about what makes them feel angry and discuss how they can regulate their emotions.

A rhyming story with beautiful illustrations.

I'm Better Than You!

A delightful story about working together.

I’m Better Than You!’ is a story about a monkey and a giraffe who argue and boast about what they can do.

They both think they are better than the other.

It takes a little mouse to show them that there are better ways of using their individual talents.

Clever rhyming text and bright colourful illustrations.

We are all unique and  have different strengths.
This book can promote healthy discussions about working with others, listening to their opinions and recognising that we are not all the same.

Have some fun spotting the little red bug on each page!

Theodore James Harrison Brown

A funny touching tale about a little boy with lots of hair.

Theodore James Harrison Brown is a little boy with a very long name and a lot of hair.

Everyone knows Theodore because of his hair.

Theodore’s mum tries different ways to tame his wild hair but whatever she does it bounces right back.

With quick rhythmic rhyming text and funny vibrant illustrations, the story of Theodore James Harrison Brown's wild hair will have you chuckling out loud.

Hey Dragonfly

A  tale which explores themes of bullying and friendship,

emphasising that kindness wins.

‘Hey Dragonfly!’ Is a story about a dragonfly who loves living in the marshlands but the daily arrival of a group of mean mosquitoes is really causing her a problem.
Will their bullying ways drive dragonfly away from the home she loves?

Bullying is a serious issue and 'Hey Dragonfly' helps children to understand how healthier relationships with their peers is much more important.

Learning to be empathetic and being kind is key to living a happy life.

The rhyming text has repetitive phrases and uses rich expressive language.
The illustrations reflect the different moods of the dragonfly perfectly.

A colourful and bright book which will help children to discuss what is right and wrong. 

Bullying is never ok. Kindness is a gift that everyone can afford.

Super Sydney

A charming story about a snail who feels she is not as clever as all her friends.

Everyone is unique but sometimes it is difficult to recognise your own abilities.

Follow Sydney on her journey to find her superpower.

Sydney meets lots of different creatures as she travels around the garden.

Each creature seems to have a very special superpower, and Sydney wishes she could be more like them.

Being unique is all about being different. What we think, what we do, and what we desire is not the same for everyone.

To be unique is the only one of its kind, unlike anything else.

Everyone is special in their own way. This story will help children think about what makes them special.

The Christmas Box of Delights

A Christmas story that tells the true meaning of Christmas.

A delightful rhyming story with simple but detailed illustrations.

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

A group of decorations are in a box in the loft waiting to be taken downstairs for Christmas. No one has come!

How can anyone have forgotten them when they are so important?

Can star persuade the decorations that they are not the most important thing at Christmas?

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